Website Updates and Maintenance

We provide you with a dedicated webmaster so you can make quick change requests or receive ongoing maintenance. We are 100% based in the USA with a reputation for honesty, quality, and professionalism. 

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Reliable Webmaster Services 

Trusted by clients for over 20 years

We specialize in cost effective website maintenance. Available to help with Design, Development, System Administration, Security, Marketing and SEO on your WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, Webflow, or HTML  website.

Will you edit my website content?

Yes, we can edit any content on any system. A single update request is often acomplished with just 1 request ticket.

Will you edit my images?

Yes, we can edit images, replace images, design new images, add images to your slider. A single request ticket is all that is needed for most image requests.

Do you design?

Yes, we can update or enhance the design of your website or web page. Quick design changes only require 1 ticket. We can also do full redesigns of the site.

Do you know databases?

Yes, we can edit, optimzize, backup, and create entries in your database.

Do you work on WordPress?

Yes, since 2003 we’ve been working with WordPress. That is not a typo, we’ve been working with it for 17 years. We design and update themes; we install, update and remove plugins; We can add features, backup and fix just about any WordPress issue. We can even move your site onto or off of WordPress.

Do you know SEO?

Yes, we are Google certified and well versed in modern SEO best practices. You can ask us for any technicial SEO. We work with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager and Bing webmaster tools. We can also be relied upon for server or hosting administration to speed up your site.

Are you safe and reliable?

Yes! And we PRIDE ourselves on this. The owners of the company have been doing professional web work for over 20 years, and built 3 website service businesses on word of mouth alone. Now, with this new MaintainMySite business, the same owners with a reputation for quality and honesty, are making fast painless maintenance available to more clients.

As people and as business professionals we think you can trust us;. A workers on your website we always backup before editing and remain vigilant about security in general, so we think you can trust us.

Please count trust and reliability as one of our TOP competitive advantages. 

Can you move my site host?

Yes, we can migrate, clone, archive or backup your site. 

Do you know how to code?

Yes, we know how to read and write in PHP, SQL, Javascript, CSS and more.

Can you help with Marketing?

Yes and no. We are certified google partners who in our other roles and business do perform many marketing tasks, but this site and service here is mostly about maintenance, not marketing. We can help with real quick tasks, or to work with your marketing team, but for more ongoing regular marketing needs, we will refer you to one of our partners.

I want to be on Google, can you Help?

Yes and no. At our core, we are a website maintenance and update company. We’re here to help with any change request you have for your site. You can ask us to perform SEO on your site, or help you leverage Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Optimize, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Google Search Console and Being Webmaster tools. However, for ongoing SEO we will refer you to a partner.

Thanks for reading the above. If you’ve gotten this far you might be asking yourself “is there anything these guys aren’t good at? And for that we have to admit, we are not very good at spelling. Thankfully we are good at using computers to check our spelling before publishing. 😊 See more FAQs 

Your Own Project Manager

With us you dont have a different person helping each time. Instead, you’re assigned a webmaster. Your single point of contact will not only know you and your website, but they will also be able to execute on any of your change requests quickly, without the need to get “cought up”. 

Reliable Website Managment Services

Reach us via phone, chat or email. Most change requests happen within 48 hours.

Dedicated Webmaster

One person is who you communcate with. The same person will address 100% of your requests, now and into the future. Even if you pause your account, you’ll come back to that person.

Never Loose Value

Since we are token based, any of your unused tokens roll over as credit for future use. We’re the only website maintenance provider who gives you 100% of your monthly investment.

American Workers

Our team is 100% based in America. We call Miami, DC and NY our home. We do not outsource any effort at any time. If we are too busy to take on new work, we stop taking clients. 

We Know Design

Your webmaster will know the fundimentals of good design. They  can create new pages, update existing pages, or suggest changes that will enchance your users experience.

We Know Code

Your webmaster will be able to write and read code. Believe it or not, many other website maintenance companies employ workers who only recently learned a simple page builder plugin.

We Know Search

Your webmaster will be Google Certified so you can rest assured any update or change we do will not adversly effect your SEO or marketing needs.

Easy As 1…2…3…

1. Send in your request.

2. Review and approve scope.

3. We work and subtract tokens from your account.